Benefits Of Using BIM In Construction

BIM, also better known as Building Information Modelling, is one of the latest developments in the field of engineering and construction, and it is also perhaps one of the best new things to happen to the industry in the recent years. Simply put, BIM has allowed the transition from 2D sketches to fully detailed 3D models that are very close approximations of the real thing. Not only that, it also provides a slew of other benefits that all help to make building projects that much easier to complete:Better Representation of Details If you have ever been involved in a building project, you would know how a simple 2D model cannot capture all the minute details as much as a well-crafted 3D model can. Therefore, we can simply say that BIM helps us to increase the accuracy of the models we use before working on the real buildings itself, allowing for better planning and preparation.Reduce Waste, Increase Work EfficiencyWhen using 2D models, you will probably have to draw a lot more sketches than just the few needed when using 3D models, which means that you will actually be wasting a lot of precious time with the former method. In a way, we can say that this contributes to rising costs and adding possible delays to the project, while the computerized processes of BIM allow us to update our models in real-time, even if small changes are made (in which case a 2D model may have to be re-drawn).Maintain ProfessionalismBIM allows a firm to uphold certain standards when it comes to professionalism. Furthermore, this won’t be an issue when hiring staff either, as BIM just requires an individual to have completed an AutoCAD course Melbourne for him or her to have understood the basic principles.Reduce Errors and ConflictsWhen using BIM to construct models of buildings, one can easily lay out various systems at once, including ductwork or electrical lines, and see whether there are any conflicts or implementation issues at once. This is truly a lifesaver, for this kind of problems arising later on in the project can really make your head hurt more than necessary. Again, this is one of the main reasons why a following a Bluebeam course Melbourne is recommended, for it helps to set certain standards when it comes to building design.Portability and Ease of PresentationWith computerized software, you can easily present your 3D model anywhere you want, at any time you want, provided you have access to the original files or a few of their copies. This makes it extremely easy for people to hold a meeting anywhere they want, and discuss the building designing process with ease.